If you have a data request about your data, send an email with your request to with the subject Data Request. You can for example request to have your personal data deleted. The information you upload to Rave.City, your account ID, uploaded locations, date and time, uploaded symbols, is saved and used by Rave.City, to put your chosen symbol at your chosen location to the map, to show you and others the current uploaded symbols on the map, and to improve the app’s workings, user experience, availability, integrity and security. Your email address is never published and never given out unless required by law. Your current location is never submitted and never known to Rave.City, only the position you choose when you actively click on the Upload Rocket button. Rave.City is operated by Michelson.Digital GmbH. Rave.City uses Amazon Web Services, with data encrypted in transit and at rest located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The About Rave.City site uses by Automattic, which uses Cookies, see their Cookies and privacy statement. The Rave.City Registration uses hCaptcha, see their privacy statement. The Rave.City app uses Google Maps, see their privacy statement.