How to get started with Rave.City? See the step-by-step instructions here for your first use of the app.

  1. Find this list. You already did that!
  2. Register. You just need to register once. You do a Captcha and receive the Registration Code to your Email address.
  3. Enter your Registration Code and Email address in the App. The Registration Code is very long. Copy the whole Code including “ravecitylogin” and all the numbers. Then press on the “Start” button.
  4. If you have not seen the email for you with the Registration Code, check your email spam folder. If you still don’t have the Registration email after waiting a couple of minutes, try registering again with a different Email address of you from a different Email provider.
  5. Use the 🔒 Lock button to hide and show again these input fields. You can allow your browser to save your Email address and Registration Code to keep it automatically filled on your device. The Lock symbol will turn blue if your entered data is correct.
  6. After pressing the “Start” button, when your entered data is correct, the Map is shown and updated with the newest information, with the Symbols that are currently uploaded to the Map. The Map is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds, after you do something, or when you press the 🔄 Refresh icon on the Map.
  7. You can also always use the Map normally, for example move it, and zoom in or out. Sometimes, this is done with two fingers on the screen.
  8. To add your Symbol to the Map, first click on the 📍 red Pin in the Map to get your current Location via GPS. The browser and your device might ask you to allow or activate this. Note: Your current Location is never sent to Rave.City, only if you later actively choose to Upload, then the single specific location you chose will be sent. See the point about Upload later. Press the 📍 red Pin again to remove it, or get it again if you had it removed.
  9. A Symbol represents what’s going on at this place and time in the City. It invites people to join, to become a bigger, more enjoyful, more interesting, more creative gathering, or to vitalize, improve or cheer up public space. For example, 🎶 can represent music.
  10. You can choose your Symbol in the scrollable Symbol Bar List on top of the Map. Just press a Symbol once to choose it. (It will have a slightly darker grey background.) The app then remembers your chosen Symbol for later when you choose to Upload your Symbol to the Map.
  11. You can adjust your Position on the Map with the ⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️ Arrows in very small steps on the Map. (You should zoom in very closely.)
  12. If you’re ready to Upload your Symbol at your chosen Location to the public Map, click on the Rave.City 🚀 Rocket Button on the Map. Important: Remember the Map is public, so never Upload anything private or harmful. You are responsible for what you upload. Email addresses are never displayed on the Map. Only the Symbol you chose is displayed, at your chosen Pin-marked Location when you press Upload.
  13. You can delete your Symbol anytime on the public Map by pressing the ❌ red X. This will delete your uploaded Symbol from the Map.
  14. Everyone can only have one Symbol on the Map at any given time. So if you upload it again, your old uploaded Symbol will be removed and replaced by the new one.
  15. All Symbols disappear after 1 hour after their Upload respectively, so only current information is visible on the Map.
  16. Optionally, with the “i” Button above the Map, you can display and hide an option to display a user link with your uploaded Symbol on the Map. A user link is only displayed if you actively choose to do so by selecting “Show my URL/Domain with my Symbol on the Map”. If your Email address is “xyz@ravecrew.example”, the link “https://ravecrew.example/” will be shown when clicking on your Symbol on the Map.
  17. Be nice and respectful to all people, have fun 🙂